When was your driveway last seal coated? If you see cracks or areas of wear, contact us. We recommend driveway sealcoating every 3-5 years. It’s a simple and cost-effective method to extend the life of your driveway and prevent more costly repairs in the future.

Make Your Driveway Look New Again

If you’re not sure when your driveway was last sealcoated or how often you should coat your driveway, contact us for a free estimate.

Here are some signs that your driveway might need to be resurfaced or replaced:

1.Pools of Water

When water doesn’t drain off your driveway, it can eventually penetrate the asphalt base causing extensive damage.

2.Alligator Cracks

These cracks look like the skin pattern of an alligator and are a sign of failure under the asphalt surface.


Surface cracking of or more severe splits that involve the driveway base.


Unfortunately, asphalt doesn’t last forever and eventually needs to be replaced.

Hear From Our Satisfied Customers

“I appreciated how they trimmed the side of the driveway so no grass would be in the way of the resealing  and they swept the driveway before they resealed the driveway. I don’t think they knew that I was home  which impressed me even more that they did such a good job. The driveway looks great.”

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Service Area

We offer driveway sealcoating in areas of the following counties (generally within about a 1-hour drive of our Lititz office):

  • Lancaster
  • York
  • Chester
  • Dauphin
  • Lebanon
  • Berks

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Let us know if you have any questions would like a quote. You don’t need to be home for us to write up an estimate. If you’re not home, we’ll leave the estimate inside the front door.