Lancaster Asphalt System, Inc. is an authorized installer of the full line of SealMaster Sports Surface Systems, from complete construction to repair and resurface needs. We’ll provide a state-of-the-art surface for any game court.

Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, PIckleball Courts, Volleyball Courts, Playgrounds, In-line Hockey: Complete construction or resurfacing and repair. We offer the complete line of California Products Sports Surfaces, from basic textured acrylic to shock-absorbing, cushioned surfaces. All surfaces are available in a variety of colors and can be customized to accommodate any speed of play. Lancaster Asphalt Systems, Inc. is also an authorized Armour Crack Repair contractor.

Running Surfaces: We offer both polyurethane and latex track surfacing systems. In each case, we use top-quality binders and rubber granules in a multi-layer construction system. We also offer a variety of coatings to refurbish existing latex or polyurethane tracks.

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